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An about us? Well we don’t want to bore you with our story of how three guys having the experience of running a retail eyewear store, just one random day decided to go digital! We are here for you! So lets walk you around our secrets.

We brand ourselves as the Robin Hood of the eyewear industry! Bring only the best stuff at the most affordable prices. Eye glasses which are comfortable yet trending, to elegant and royal looking. Sunglasses which are literally “in your face”, to apt ones for each event.

             Now the question that is probably coming to your mind right now is - Why should i buy anything from here? Well it’s simple! You only live once. If you like something you should buy it without wasting any more seconds. Imagine there’s a sunglass you really liked on our website or anywhere else for that matter, and you’re tempted to buy it because of the quality the fashionability and the affordability. But you hesitated and went on to search more products elsewhere, but 30 minutes later you come back to the sunglasses which you really liked to place an order for it. But now it’s out of stock! For it to come back in stock probably takes 7 or even 8 days. Can you imagine how immensely tough it would be to be able to live for a week without your favourite shades! Well let me tell you it’s no good! And by the time you’re able to order it and receive it, one of your friends has already bought it before you, and you’re not the only one with cool shades. Well stop reading man! Go buy it right now!

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